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  • Festival Of Voices 2013 Take 6 Concert

    Take 6 concert smash!

    It was a night to remember, a joyous celebration warming chilly Old Hobart Town.


    Date: 12 Jul 2013

    In Old Hobart Town last night the chill was banished by an event full of warmth, joy, giving and love. Take 6, the ultimate Gospel group holding a legendary 10 Grammies, gave a performance to be long remembered. These virtuosos in the art of Gospel, Claude McKnight, Mark Kibble, Joel Kibble, Dave Thomas, Alvin Chea and Khristian Dentley are celebrating the 25th anniversary of their first, platinum album.

    The concert warmed up with four Take 6 numbers (Excellent, You're So Good, Now and Forever, and Breath of Life) with the guys fronting the 205 member Festival Of Voices Gospel Choir and Hobart's own Righteous Gospel Band led by Dr. Andrew Legg. The Choir was formed for the Festival with members of choirs from throughout the country from as far away as Mackay!

    For the previous 4 days the Choir had learnt & rehearsed the songs with Take 6, with the guys giving us a gift from their souls with their skill, talent and generous spirit, especially from Khris and Vin who lead the rehearsals. The final Master Classes with all 6 members imparted jewels from over 25 years of making beautiful music.

    After the Choir exited the stage, the audience was treated to an experience of master quality. Take 6 held all listeners in awe for 75 minutes, plus two encores - and we all left craving more! We were treated to 6 artisans displaying their craft of gospel, soul, pop, R&B and just plain fun music, sharing their love of the art with warmth, joy and great humour, including a hilarious account of the musical influences of each man. After the gig, the guys generousity continued as they stayed back to sign autographs, chat and have photos with everyone in the audience, despite I'm sure being absolutely zonked.

    One of my fellow choristers said "we have all been changed by this".

    Thank you Take 6.


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