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    Festival Of Voices 2014

    Festival Of Voices celebrates it's 10th Year. Join Southern Gospel Choir for the Gospel Workshop.


    Date: 09 Jul 2014

    Eric Dozier - Songs of praise and protest

    You can’t keep your hands from clapping, your feet from stomping, and your head from bopping to this highly charged and soul stirring gospel triumph.” - New York Times

    Vocal artist and Gospel conductor Eric Dozier shares his personal musical roots: born in the small rural town of Bakewell, Eric swam in the melodies of Memphis Slim, and played catch in the city of Bessie Smith. Expect to hear combinations of blues and funk in his uncategorisable gumbo of gospel and traditional spirituals.

    "I have to say that the festival served as a reminder to me of what it means to be human and experience the complex range of emotion that only music can open the soul up to. At times I laughed so hard that it brought me to tears. Other times I was reminded of the fact we are all here, alive together, and that it is an honor and privilege to be participating in this journey on the planet. Other times I found myself reflecting on my fears, and at others celebrating unspeakable joy. If any of those things were the intentions of the conveners....success!  I can't wait to be back to see what's next." Eric Dozier - Nashville. 24/02/2013

    African American Spirituals reflect the duality of joy and sorrow, hopes and fears, personal struggles and dreams. They hold hidden messages about resistance and escape and continue to this day to testify to the resilience of the human spirit. This workshop is an interactive hands-on exploration into the heart of these folk hymns.

    Gospel Workshop at Festival Of Voices

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