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    Becoming a Member

    The Southern Gospel Choir is structured as a University of Tasmania course stream.

    Choir Timetable

    SGC runs in conjunction with the university semester, and thus there is an intake at the start of each semester.  Semester 1 starts in the last week of February, and Semester 2 starts in early July.  You'll be able to find the starting dates on the UTAS Conservatorium of Music website

    The SGC often has Winter & Summer School activities, such as the Festival Of Voice (July) & concerts in Summer (November & December), extending beyond the standard univeristy 'year'.

    Choir Participation

    Participation in the choir requires enrollment through UTAS, and members must be 16 years of age to be able to apply. That said, younger members have been able to join in the past through special arrangements with the Choir Director, Assoc Prof Andrew Legg.

    Participation is subject to audition (albeit a very informal one), to check the vocal range and positioning of each candidate within the choir, and also that the candidates can hold their own part. The audition consists of singing a song for Andrew Legg and Vocal Coach Maria Lurighi. We would recommend choosing a song with which you are most comfortable singing - any song will do, we have had some people in the past audition with "Happy Birthday".

    Choir Sign-up

    Sign-up sessions occur on the first rehearsal night of the semester (February & July). As sign-up entails registering for a UTAS course, members are required to fill in a Unit Enrollment Form and a Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF is used by the Federal Gorvernment to assess HECs payment).  Please have your Tax File Number to help complete these forms.

    Further Information

    The best point of contact is through the Choir Manager at or better still come along on a Wednesday night as a guest and you can chat to Andrew Legg directly.


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