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  • Brighter Day - launch our our exciting new DVD

    Brighter Day - launch our our exciting new DVD

    Come to the launch of our new exciting DVD of the Brighter Day concert, 16/11/2012 10:30 am at the Conservatorium Recital Hall, University of Tasmania, Davey Street, Hobart.


    Date: 16 Nov 2012

    Time: 10:30 am

    Location: Conservatorium Recital Hall, University of Tasmania, Davey Street, Hobart

    Brighter Day was performed in Hobart’s historic City Hall in July 2011 to celebrate the iconic Southern Gospel Choir’s 10th anniversary, bringing together the largest African-American inspired gospel choir in the Southern Hemisphere.

    In this historic concert the SGC was joined on stage by the Festival of Voices Choir and the Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir, many of whom have participated in Tasmania’s international Festival of Voices from the beginning. We remember with great fondness our first Festival of Voices gospel gig with the late Dr Horace Clarence Boyer (if you are going to make a start, you may as well begin with gospel
    royalty). Horace shared his music with a depth of soul that we will not soon experience again this side of heaven. However, thanks to him and all those who have followed, the Southern Gospel Choir and Festival of Voices Choir can now justifiably lay claim to being a significant part of the early African- American gospel music tradition in Australia.

    In this wonderful new DVD, you will see and hear the Southern Gospel Choir, Festival of Voices Choir and Very Righteous Band as perhaps never before. Having outgrown all previous concert venues, we took over Hobart’s City Hall for one night of power, exhilaration and musical passion. In this context, the City Hall was quite reminiscent of the big gospel halls in the US during the 1950s where, under the influence of artists like the Five Blind Boys and the Dixie Hummingbirds, “young women were needing of medical treatment after becoming unconscious, and young men were seen to throw themselves off the upper floors into the audience below, all under the amazing power of the music and the spirit”.

    With this line-up, in this wonderful space and with the power and exhilaration of African-American gospel music bouncing off the rafters, a truly splendid time was guaranteed for all – and is now faithfully captured here in this fantastic DVD. The Southern Gospel Choir has always been about participation, community, power, passion and spirit. So now, from the safety and security of your home, you are free to make as much noise as you like.

    Stamp your feet!

    Clap your hands!

    Stand up in your living room, raise your hands, dance and sing with us like there’s no tomorrow!


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