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  • Challenges

    As you might imagine, the logistics involved with transporting 80 people to, and across, the United States is fairly significant. We had an excellent team working hard to make sure no detail is overlooked… and of course Andrew and the choir worked hard to bring our repertoire up to truly excellent international standard.

    Our main challenge was simply the financial aspect, so we are very grateful for every little bit of support we received from our SGC Angels (that's you)!

    The cost of this trip, for each individual member of the choir, was around $5,500. This covered accommodation in the three cities of our tour, flights and buses, and the related costs occurring when transporting 80 people halfway around the world and halfway across a country! It’s no small undertaking.

    The total costs were estimated at around $500,000.

    Donations to date

    Our generous fans have donated to our SGC2USA Project. These donations mean members were funded.

    How the funds will be used

    Every dollar raised lowered the cost for the individual members who required assistance. Many members are full or part time students, self employed, or simply don't have the means to cover their expenses. These funds will not be used for any personal expenses or recreation, but go directly to facilitate this incredible musical and educational experience for our members to share with the gospel community in the USA and bring home to our musical community here in Tasmania.

    Previous fund raising events


    Thanks to our friends at Henry Jones Art Hotel and Tetsuya Wakuda as well as many other generous beneficiaries, our "Indulgence" fundraising dinner raised around $100,000 to go towards our cost.

    UTAS Foundation

    Thank you to the UTAS Foundation & friends for their generous support through out this project.

    Pozible Campaign

    Through our campaign on Pozible our generous fans have pledged an amazing $25,134!. Thank you all!

    And a huge thank you to everyone else who has contributed along the way.

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